How to Add $2,000 or More to Your Copywriting Income Next Month

I've coached over 400 copywriters of all levels, with more hours
mentoring writers 1-on-1 than any other copy coach in the business.
Here are some of my student's success stories:
Jon Fisher - "Very quickly, I was making massive gains to my skill set. It was incredible. In a period of 9 days, I got a bunch of clients. This is the thing that makes this program, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen."
Tom Clayson - "Within 30 days of the program ending, I had 2 big retainer clients paying me $1,000 a month and $5,000 a month, respectively. It’s only gotten better since."
Tiana Asperjan - “My income has shot up over $10k a month as a freelance copywriter. Ning has truly been with me every step of the way, I cannot recommend him and his coaching program any more highly.”
Carolyn Santo - "He’s helped me make my copy SO much better. So if you get a chance to work with him or have him look at your copy, you better grab it because it literally can change the way your career is going."
Luke Sipka - "By the 3rd week, I was an entirely different writer. It was crazy how much improvement I was able to make and how quickly."
John Sawicki - "I had an 80% reduction in the mental stuff holding me back. My income has gone up, I've closed 2 clients at 2x the rate I was charging before working with Ning."
Jason Watson - "I went from working really hard for $8k a month to having an $18k month just a few weeks later. Now it feels like there's opportunity everywhere."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flip Your Money Switch and what will it do for me?

Flip Your Money Switch is a video course for copywriters.

It boosts your copywriting income up to $2,000 by next month without working more hours.

It does this by improving the 3 pillars of copywriting: Copy skill, client strategy, and mindset.

In video 1, you will massively upgrade your writing ability so that the copy you write converts.

When your technical writing skill is amazing and you can make clients a lot of money, YOU will make a lot of money.

In video 2, I will give you copy-and-paste templates and a step-by-step plan of how to land copywriting clients consistently.

This lets you land your first client with zero experience… and upgrade your “client stable” to higher-paying clients.

In video 3, I will show you how to remove your mindset blocks that slow down your progress.

This includes blocks like anxiety, imposter syndrome, money scarcity, etc.

In just 3 videos, you’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to boost your copywriting dramatically next month.

That’s what’s inside Flip Your Money Switch.

Ning, how do I get my first copywriting client?

That’s covered in Video 2 of Flip Your Money Switch.

If you have past client experiences, you can leverage that in new client pitches.

But if you’ve never had a client, you have no leverage in that category.

So you need a NEW leverage point to out-compete other copywriters for jobs.

I’ll show you what that is inside this video course…

And I will give you the copy-and-paste templates you need to land those clients.

This is a core part of the Flip Your Money Switch video course.

I need a copy mentor but I can’t afford your services… will you coach me for free?

I can’t coach copywriters for free.

I get too many requests for this, and if I did this for free I would run out of time and money.

When you think about pitching offers and services (this copy coaching is a service exchange), those interactions need to be a win-win to progress in business.

Me coaching you for free would be a lose-win.

That’s why I created this Flip Your Money Switch course.

It’s very affordable - just $27.

And you get to learn the most important aspects of copywriting from me at a massive discount.

This is what I recommend for you - to start with Flip Your Money Switch.

Who is the Flip Your Money Switch video course for?

Flip Your Money Switch is a video course for copywriters looking to boost their copywriting income next month.

That includes beginner copywriters who have zero experience…

Intermediate copywriters stuck at $7-8k/month…

And advanced copywriters trying to break the $20K/month mark.

If you're stuck at a certain level in terms of copywriting income and have no clue how to progress…

This video course is for you.

I have ZERO experience and have never had a client - will Flip Your Money Switch work for me?

Yes - I actually have a proven plan that I teach all beginner copywriters.

I have templates that are proven to work.

You’ll get those inside Flip Your Money Switch.

Just put those to use, and you will land your first client.

Then, you’ll be able to build your “copywriting resume” of experiences, and grow your income from there.

How is Flip Your Money Switch different from other copywriting courses?

Simply put, I teach copywriting differently from the other “gurus” out there.

I believe I’ve taught more copywriters 1 on 1 than any other coach on the planet (over 400), and I’ve developed my own system through 5 years of trial and error.

This 3 pillar system is the most powerful framework I’ve used for helping copywriters boost their income.

I’m showing you what that is inside this course.

No other copywriting course focuses on all 3 aspects - copy, clients, and mindset.

And no one in the internet marketing space uses the “inner child” framework I use for fixing mindset blocks that come up in your copywriting journey.

That’s what makes this video course unique and powerful.

What’s the proof that Flip Your Money Switch will work for me?

Just take a look at all the testimonials above.

Those are all real, from real copywriters in the industry that I’ve trained.

Is it really covered by a 100% money back guarantee?


If you don’t think the material inside is worth at least 10x what you pay ($27), send me an email at and I’ll refund you.

Okay, I’m sold on Flip Your Money Switch - what do I do next?

Click the button below to get instant access and start boosting your copywriting income today!

Thanks for reading, and best of luck!

- Ning Li



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